Sunday, April 29, 2012

miscellaneous weekend

- Colleen and John welcomed baby Mason on Thursday!  We are so excited for them, and can't wait to hear all about how they're adjusting to life as a family of three.  Seeing this teeny (well, not so teeny--9 lbs 2 oz!) new baby brought back all kinds of exhausted & exciting memories of Natalie's first days out in the world with us.  It really is such an amazing time. 

- I had a big test on Saturday morning (holy heck, I don't remember anything about geometry), so Mike was on solo daddy-duty for a few hours.  He and the Naterpillar went to free family event at our local Children's Museum while I wore my #2 pencils down to nubs.  Mike earned himself some downtime in the afternoon, while Natalie and I went out for ice cream cones and ran some errands.

- All that ice cream left Natalie without much of an appetite for dinner.  The solution?  Strawberry pancakes & her favorite fruit.  She helped me mix in sprinkles and almond milk, and loved watching the pancakes bubble up before I flipped them.

Today I went out for a girls-only coffee date and Mike took Natalie on a lunch date.  We spent her naptime cleaning out our garage (a huge, tedious project that I've been putting off for ages), and then I did a bit of backyard digging in the dirt.  Our little weed patch of a lawn is finally starting to fill in with grass after two years of seeding, and I feel awfully excited about the summer ahead of playing t-ball & mini-golf & drinking cocktails on the back porch.  I got a bunch of flowers in the ground this afternoon, and I'm hoping to get more in tomorrow during Natalie's nap.  It might be frickin' cold and windy in Maine this week, but I am getting my spring planting done no matter what. 

It feels good to be sore and have dirt under my fingernails, and I keep looking out at our little flower beds and patio furniture and feeling proud of the home we are creating here.  It has been a good weekend.  What did you guys do this weekend? 


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