Sunday, March 25, 2012

steppin' out saturday: birthday party #2

Yesterday we Stepped Out for a second celebration of Natalie's second birthday... which isn't actually until Monday.  But, any excuse for cake is just fine by me.  This little shindig was a small presents & turkey dinner & cake & ice cream event with my immediate family.  We hit the road early to pick up a soccer ball for Natalie, who has become obsessed with playing "Kick!  Stop Ball!" 

Here is what we wore:


On Mama:  Turtleneck:  H&M // Skirt:  American Eagle, years ago // Tights:  Wal-Mart maybe?  Purchased out of desperation while traveling to a friend's wedding, and since have become a wardrobe staple, despite the hole widening on my knee // Shoes:  purchased while I was pregnant.  I have no idea // Necklace:  was my grandmother's // Purse:  TJ Maxx // Sunnies:  Kohl's

On the budgie:  Tunic & jacket:  handmade birthday gifts from our friend Erin (this is where you all chime in and say she should open her own Etsy shop because omyword does she sew incredibly cute kidlet clothes!) // Leggings:  thrifted & gifted // Shoes:  a gift from Nana, which Natalie refuses to remove from her feet during most naps

Here are some shots of our day spent lamenting the more seasonable weather, chowing down on a turkey dinner, opening gifts, kicking Natalie's new soccer ball around the yard, playing chase, and examing stones found in Nana's flower beds:


Linking up with the Haps for Steppin' Out Saturday!  Check out what everyone else wore this week:



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