Sunday, March 25, 2012

one of those parenting moments

There are so many tough moments as a parent.  So many moments that you will to pass so you can get to the good stuff.

This is the good stuff.  The few moments captured here, in absolutely unflattering photos of me & my kid.  A couple of nights ago, we had a little picnic on the back deck for supper--a blanket spread out for us to eat our leftover boiled dinner on in the crazy unseasonably hot weather.  Natalie kept insisting "Again!" every time we would take a photo of the two of us together, me holding my arm out as far as it would go, her alternating saying "Cheese!" and staring in awe at the little reversible digital screen on my camera.  Unflattering, but I will always treasure this sequence of pictures.


  1. These are just so sweet!!! I love these moments! And I love her rosy cheeks!!

  2. Sequences like this one make me so happy that you always have your camera handy, my lovely wife. This just made my Monday.