Tuesday, December 20, 2011

conversation with a toddler

It continues to amaze me how verbal "babies" become once they hit this toddler stage.  Natalie is talking All The Time now (I'm pretty sure she's going to be exactly like her daddy and be told by her teachers that they never want to hear her voice again), and the things she says are pretty much constantly hysterical.  And random.

We have lots of stunted conversations now, complete with two- and three-word sentences, and parenting feels fulfilling in a whole new way now that I know what the heck is going on in our girl's head.  But sometimes it's most fun to just let her go off on a monologue and listen to what comes out.  This morning has sounded like this:

"Twinkle, twinkle, litt-a-stah, how-ah-wondahhhhhhh-you-ahhhhh," complete with twinkle hand motions, followed immediately by, "Ridic-a-lus... miiiiiiiiilk pweeeeeease...... hi Mama hi Mommy hi Mama hey Mommy hi Mommyyyyyy..... A tea party?"  At this point we began taking her plates (thanks Jay & Amelia!) out for some tea party playtime.  Until... "No!  All done!  Noooo!  DONE!" 

She hurried over to her bookshelf and pulled off a handful of books.  "Narwhal!  Happy'n'a'know'it!  Doggyyyyy!"  This was meant to share what books she had picked out, I believe.  It was then "Couch!"  and a full-on sprint into the side of the couch cushions before climbing up with a book and shouting the pictures on the pages to me, "Cheese!  Cheeeeeeeeese!  Cheeeeeeeeeese!  Flower!  Yellow!  Shoes!  Keys!  Duckie!"

Some impromptu dancing began at this point, including arm waving and lots of wiggling around on the couch.  Some incoherent babbling, and then the realization that she had been reading about cheese and hadn't gotten to eat any cheese, so there was a little meltdown about that.

Then she launched into some of her songs from daycare:  "Your fwends, my fwends, mooooooore ta-gether happier-a-be!" & "Roly poly up-a-down-a-clap!"  & "Pat-a-cake-a-make-a-man-a-roooooooolllllllll it!  A paaaaaaat it!  Toss!  Baby me!"

And then a pause.  Then, "I tooted.  I did.  Scuse me."

Wow can toddlerhood be fun.


  1. I realize I may be a bit biased here, but there's nothing cuter than that kid saying "I tooted" in her slightly-chagrined way.

  2. OMG she is the cutest!!! Carly is FINALLY starting to get pretty verbel, not as great as Natalie, but your right its pretty amazing and soo much fun, I love hearing her little voice and the random stuff she comes up with!!

  3. I think my favorite part is the inclusion of "narwhal" in her vocabulary.

  4. you guys are having such a good time.