Thursday, November 17, 2011

winning wednesday

My days off with Natalie have been extra fun lately.  I'm not sure if it's how much I am loving this age, or if it's her newfound post-tubes-surgery energy, or if it's just random, but I have found myself wanting to wrap our days off together in a special memory box in my brain so I don't ever forget them.  Yesterday we lounged around in our pj's for part of the morning, intermittently watching Gabba, reading stories, and sharing breakfast.  It was quiet, cuddly time together that was just what I needed mid-week.  We moved on to fingerpainting (spoiler alert, grandparents:  you're getting some handprint-turkey cards for Thanksgiving!), made a phone call to Poppy, and then headed off to story hour at the library.  I watched Natalie mimic the moves to many of the songs, and race up to sit next to Miss Amy during the story, and I was amazed at how our days together have changed with the arrival of toddlerhood.  I always thought I'd be devastated to see my baby grow up (and, let's be honest, there have been more than a few tears over it along the way), but this age is just So Much Fun, and I am absolutely in love with the little person my baby is growing into. 


  1. You's so adorable, love those cheeks!! Enjoy these days, such a sweet stage!!

  2. You are so so cute. Santa will bring you loads and loads for you this time.