Sunday, November 20, 2011

steppin' out saturday: 11.19.11

On Mama // Boots:  Macy's // Leggings:  Target // Turtleneck:  NY&Co. // Sweater:  JCP

On the budgie // Leggings:  Carter's // Dress:  TJ Maxx // Red Riding Hood jacket:  thrifted & gifted

After Natalie's nap yesterday, we stepped out for her to have a late lunch and us to have an early hot toddy (mulled cider & rummmmmmm).  We've implemented a firm weekly food budget for ourselves over the past couple of months, so our Saturday dinner dates have become mostly at-home affairs.  We've been in the habit of taking Natalie out for a cheap weekend breakfast or lunch, and then having a dimly lit romantic meal at home after she's tucked in bed for the night.  Last night it was seared salmon & white wine.  Yummo.  I have gotten somewhat accustomed to this new routine, and the savings have been incredibly rewarding (hello new fridge & home office).  With the holiday season upon us, I think we'll be continuing this little home-cooked tradition in the interest of saving a few buckaroos for Christmas.

After our mid-afternoon outing, we stopped at Merryspring Nature Center to let Natalie run around a little before it got dark.  The weather gods have been so good to us this fall, just one bright and crisp weekend after another.  This one was no exception, and we have been taking full advantage of these last few opportunities for non-frigid outside play. 

How were your weekends?  I have more pictures to share of our lazy family time, I'll share tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. That blue is so pretty on you, you both look gorgeous!! We have been working really hard at our food budget, too, it makes such a big difference!!