Tuesday, November 1, 2011

in a galaxy far, far away

Here are some photos from our "a-treating" last night.  We went with a Star Wars theme as a family this year, which Facebook proved to me was a very popular choice among my fellow mommies.  Lots of babies with awesome Leia hair on my newsfeed! :)

Natalie had fun marching up our neighbors' steps, and managed to squeak out a "thank-you" at a couple of houses, but refused to say anything else while getting her candy.  We made it about halfway around the block before she plopped herself down on the curb and let us know it was quitting time for A-Ween.  We spent the rest of our evening handing out candy to the 20 or so trick-or-treaters who stopped at our house, and snuggling the budgie on her last night before heading in for her tubes surgery this morning (more on that in an upcoming post).

She's a pretty cute R2D2, huh?


  1. You guys looked so great!! Cutest R2D2 ever!!

  2. we should have come trick or treating with you!!! just a couple reasons why that's tough though...

  3. you look awesome! and i don't think your hair looks silly at all. :)