Sunday, September 11, 2011

steppin' out saturday: toddler temper tantrum edition

We had a fantastic Saturday at miss Claira's fairy-themed 3rd birthday party, and had simple plans for tacos & margaritas for our Saturday night.  Got the Natifuster all dressed, snapped our Steppin' Out photos, and then were greeted with the most epic temper tantrum we've witnessed to date.  Screaming, arching, kicking, running away, and absolutely refusing to allow us to strap her into her carseat.

We took a breather and tried again, only to be in the same situation. 

Dinner out was replaced by hot dogs to go, which we ate on the high school football field so Natalie would have a place to run around. 

Here is what we wore:

 On Mama:
Tunic & leggings:  Target
Shoes:  Macy's, forever ago
Necklace:  gifted

On the budgie:
Jeans:  Old Navy
Shirt & matching corduroy jacket:  gifted Carter's
Shoes:  gifted Faded Glory

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  1. What a cutie! Love your tunic!

  2. How cute are you two? Love the leggings & tunic look.

  3. i have that tunic too! i'm glad to see someone else wearing it, because i haven't figured out how i want to wear mine yet. and it looks really cute on you. :)

  4. You look gorgeous!! You always have the prettiest hair:) Hope little miss is feeling better after her "moment"!!

  5. oh dear.
    tantrums that deviate the plans are never good. she looks like an angel in those photos ;) and i love your whole outfit. xo!

  6. Love that tunic! How long ago did you buy it?

  7. thanks, ladies! you are too kind.

    @colleen: the tunic was under $10 on a sale rack at target this weekend. there were TONS left at the store in our neck of the woods, you might luck out and nab one at yours! very comfy, but i am still trying to figure out how i will wear it aside from with these leggings every time.