Tuesday, July 19, 2011

holy heck i'm tired


We got back from our jam-packed weekend to The County (yes, THE County) on Sunday night, and I have in no way recovered. It was a great weekend, but traveling with a baby and trying to squeeze in as many visits as possible was more than a little exhausting.

Also exhausting? Jumping back into work (which involves hiking in 85+ degree heat) after such a busy weekend. I have collapsed in a pile of sweat the past two days after work, peeling myself from the couch for a shower and little else.

With that said, please forgive my lackluster blogging this week. I have lots to share from our trip north, but I find myself preoccupied catching up on all of your blogs (so much to read!), unpacking suitcases, and making Mikey rub my back and bring me dinner. It's exhausting, really. :)

I leave you now with a picture that kind of defines our long weekend in the willy-wags, and encourage you to catch up on the excellent guest posts from Liv, Deanna, Sarah, and Kenny that helped keep this little blog chugging along in my absence this weekend.


  1. YAY, welcome back!!! This photo is so precious I can't even take it!

  2. Look at that little tookus! I love it!

  3. Ha, I love the Natalie and Nana walking photo.