Friday, July 15, 2011

guest post: summer fun with soul singing liv

While I'm off the grid, I've asked some of my very favorite blogging ladies to pick up my slack and share their thoughts with you readers. Today's post comes from sweet Liv, who I just know you guys will l-o-v-e. She's genuine and optimistic and honest, and I'm so pleased that I get to be her internet friend. Enjoy her words & leave her some love!


Hello BabyMooHoo readers! My name is Olivia and I blog over at Soul Singing Liv, a little space where I store all of the treasures tucked deep inside my heart. I was thrilled when Hilary asked me to guest post while she is off on a well deserved summer adventure. I just love this little family and can't wait to see photos and hear all about their trip!

I was reflecting today on summer time and what it means to me and the word "adventure" kept dancing around my mind. That's what this glorious season has always represented to our family: adventure. The opportunity to pick up for weekend road trips, the feeling of endless possibility as the days stretch longer and the time seems slower. The ability to play and run and soak under the sun without feeling like there is somewhere else you need to be. Staring at the stars on a hot summer night, watching fireworks all sprawled out on a picnic blanket. These are the days we can be free to enjoy our time without the constraints of school schedules and activities. We can read a book under the pecan tree and float through the air on the tire swing. I love this feeling of adventure, this spirit of inspiration.

At the beginning of the summer, I made a bucket list for our family: adventures for us to go on and experiences I hoped we could share. We've been so busy working on our list and adding more things to it! But we've also made time to just relax and be, to slow it down a bit and revel in the simplicity of just being home together. Watching movies on the couch, playing board games around the table, creating sidewalk chalk art on the driveway: simple moments that fill our hearts with immeasurable amounts of love.

We hope to someday have our own camper, to pack our baby girls up, throw the map out the window, and drive. Spend time in one remote location after another. Jump from rocks into watering holes, hike through magical forests, and spend our evenings making s'mores around the camp fire. That's the adventure I dream about for our future.

Summer time to me is family, its relaxing on the hammock with a good book, its forgetting about the busy world around you and being present in the moment. I hope that your summer is filled with adventure, whatever type of adventure makes you the most fulfilled.

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  1. Have the best time, Hilary!!! Thanks for having me!!!