Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tired tuesday & worn out wednesday

We're more than a little wiped out here in MooHooVille. Natalie's got another tooth poking its way through (at least that's what we think is going on), and a little (thus far uninfected) fluid in her right ear, which has been keeping her up for l-o-n-g stretches at night this week. It's a bit like going back in time, falling back into exhaustion.

Despite her lack of sleep, Natalie was pretty perky this morning--ready for a morning racing around the Camden amphitheater with her Nana before settling in for songs and stories at the library.

She was a hoot at story hour this week--making her way up to the front of the room to get close to the librarian leading the songs, and padding around to say hi to the other kids and their parents. It was awfully sweet.

After our little outing, we headed back to Rockland for lunch at the Farnsworth with some of my co-workers before heading to an art gallery across the street to see a friend's work on display. The busy first half of our day wore the budgie out, and she's currently conked out for her afternoon nap. I'm hoping for a better night's sleep tonight, but in the meantime I may be joining in on naptime!


  1. Oh my word do I know how you feel!!! I feel like I am caring for a newborn all over again! Poor babies, though, it really is pitiful. Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon. And just think, when you are up at all hours of the night, you have a friend here in Louisiana doing the same:)

  2. My favorite part of this post? Natalie observing the librarian in full Bruins regalia.

    My weekend wish for you is SLEEP.