Friday, June 10, 2011

summer, is that you?!

I am embarrassed to say that I totally have that horrible Rebecca Black song in my head today. It's Friday, people! It has actually been a really nice week, so I haven't been counting down to the weekend... but now that it's right in front of me, I am super pumped about it!

My mom and Natalie get to enjoy the baby story hour at our public library today, and then tonight the weather should allow us another evening meal on the back deck. I think eating al fresco might be my absolute favorite thing about summer.

Speaking of summer, I think summer is actually here you guys. And not in a maybe-the-sun-is-going-to-stick-around way, but in a full-on way that smells like freshly cut grass and tastes like salty sea air. I can hardly believe it!

The start of summer means means we are staring down pretty packed weekends from now until September 1st. Really, starting tomorrow I think our Saturdays are almost all booked for the summer--all kinds of things to look forward to!

Here's what the next month or so looks like for us: Tomorrow I get a whole day all to myself to get a massage and do some solo thrift-shopping, a Mother's Day gift that Mike set up for me; next weekend we're having family photos taken, checking out our town's Summer Solstice festival and hitting up a co-worker's pig roast; plus, oh, yeah, it's Father's Day! We're spending ours walking out to the Breakwater Lighthouse and picnicking on the shore with both of our dads; the following weekend we'll be celebrating my birfday and my dad's birfday with a day trip to Pemaquid beach and a family cookout; then we're counting the days until Natalie's Uncle Harper is up to visit for the 4th of July weekend, when we'll be hosting a little summer camp kick-off shindig on our back deck for my co-workers.

And that just brings us to the first days of July. Whew! Busy, but so much fun.

What are you guys up to this weekend? And what are you looking forward to this summer??

Happy Fridayyyy!

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  1. We LOVE eating outside, it's the best part of summer (if you can handle the mosquitoes:) Enjoy your solo day tomorrow, sounds heavenly!!