Sunday, June 12, 2011

steppin' out!

Despite looking out the window at a rainy, gray Sunday afternoon, I have to say that I'm still pretty pumped about having a whole half-day left of our weekend. It's been a great one so far--Mike gifted me with a day to myself to get a massage and do some shopping and lunching with my mom. He and miss Natalie spent their Saturday yard sale-ing and playing at our town's Children's Musem while I was off gallavanting in Belfast.

This morning we got our productive pants on and set out to run some errands. Here's what we wore:

(As usual, I had to share a hysterical out-take of Natalie trying to run away during SOS picture time, and me struggling to keep her in the photo.)

On Mama:

Jacket: TJ Maxx
Tank: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Levi 545's

On the budgie:

Pants: gifted Carter's
Tank: Garanimals, Wal-Mart
Hoodie: thrifted Little Lindsey
Shoes: gifted

The remainder of our day will be spent trying to get the garage cleaned up and putting together our new (on sale!) bistro set while Natalie naps. Then I have a feeling another outing to the Children's Musem is in order (they have baby chicks that Natalie is newly obsessed with!), and probably an evening in our pj's.

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  1. You girls look so pretty! I LOVE the shots of you trying to keep baby girl in the photo, those are seriously perfect!

  2. Love your outfit! your little one looks adorable!! I love a good evening in PJ's. Cute blog, I found you via harpers happenings