Friday, June 17, 2011

a real day in the life

This picture of Natalie weeping while being forced to hold a balloon? Pretty much sums up the past 24 hours or so.

Some days, it just feels so dang good to be a parent. I've got it together. My house is somewhat clean. My child gives me snuggles. My husband and I share a leisurely glass of wine while watching vampire porn (what, you aren't a True Blood fan??).

But, oh, some days it is hard. And I know I don't have it the hardest of everyone out there reading, but can I just share how ridiculous our lives have felt since yesterday evening? Here's what we've been dealing with:

* Yesterday evening, the night before our family photo shoot, Mike sustains a serious whack to the face by a potted plant (this is not a lie). It hits him just right so that it neither knocks is teeth out or breaks his nose, but blood? EVERYWHERE.

* Natalie wakes us up this morning an hour early. By screaming bloody murder.

* Natalie refuses breakfast. And refuses snuggles. And refuses getting dressed.

* We wrangle the kid into clothes and try to get ourselves looking pretty for some family photos. When the photographer arrives, Natalie decides she hates her parents and cries hysterically if we try to hold her, and she simply runs away if we try to sit or stand next to her.

* Instead of my 3-cup a week coffe habit (er, goal), I have already consumed 3 cups just today.

And that's all before my workday. Oh, how will I make it to the weekend?

How are your Fridays going? Any horror stories to share? Chime in, misery loves company.


  1. I know this is terrible, but I started laughing when I saw sad balloon Natalie. I mean, is that kid just always really cute, even miserable (perhaps less so if you're in earshot, huh?)?

    Nonetheless, I am sorry your day is out to get you. I hope you triumph over it.

  2. She is absolutely precious, even while being miserable with a balloon! I could just squeeze her! And don't worry, you are not alone! Whether it's my 7 year old rolling her eyes and complaining about being BORED or my seven month old waking up every 3 hours throughout the night, there are definitely some bad days! Have a great weekend!

  3. wow!! I hope Mikes mouth and face and nose or whatever is okay!!! TGIF!! I hope Natalie and also Carly will have a better week next week and you and Mike enjoy a nice glass of wine tonight!!!