Sunday, June 5, 2011

beach baby

A little bit of photo overload from our trip to the beach yesterday. I just couldn't help it. These are my favorites of the 345,918 I took while we were there. :)

It was a great day to be by the water--the beach was probably the only cool place in the area yesterday. I'm always so worried about Natalie getting a sunburn, so being in a place that is cool enough for her to be well covered up while she's in the sunshine makes life much easier.

Our budgie LOVED the beach, as usual. She is becoming a pro at visiting the seashore, she marches straight to the water with her bucket, picking up treasures along the way. It was Mike's first time on the beach for the summer, and he couldn't believe how comfortable Natalie has become at the water's edge. Now that she's so interested in shells and sea creatures, I want to check out some of the amazing tidepools in the rocky area of the beach, but we haven't quite figured out how to balance carrying a toddler and watching our step over the uneven terrain. Next time we'll brave it, I think. She is guaranteed to lose it when she gets to see starfish and sea urchins up close.

The only downer of our beachy outing was that we didn't pack well for the excursion at all. I brought a diaper bag with no diapers, wipes, or a change of clothes. Seriously. And I had filled a big water bottle so we could rinse the sand off Natalie's feet and hands.... and I left it behind. Plus, we didn't put a swim diaper on the budgie before we left (assuming, foolishly, that her behind wouldn't get wet), so when she inevitably plopped herself right down in the waves, her diaper soaked through and puffed up to the size of a bowling ball for the rest of our playtime. We ended up stripping her down, wrapping her in a towel, and putting her in her carseat sand-covered and naked for the ride home. I am sure our neighbors were laughing at us when we pulled her out of the car in our driveway.

Oh, well. It was a great little outing for our Saturday! :)

What were you guys up to this weekend??


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