Sunday, June 26, 2011

15 months old?!

my dear, dear natalie,

you are 15 months old today, sweet girl! it doesn't seem possible that you are such a little girl now instead of my little baby. these past few months since your first birthday have been my favorite months of your life, though, despite all the sadness i feel over you growing so fast. you are becoming so capable and confident these days, it is amazing to witness.

my favorite part of toddlerhood is watching and listening to you express yourself. i have slacked a bit in recording all of your words and communicative gestures, but they seem to be happening so fast that i just can't keep up! you are such a chatterbox, speaking your own funny little language and repeating so many of our sounds all the time. you say more words than i can keep track of (hi, hey, cat, hat, cheese, keys, teeth, elmo, buh-bye, emma, nana, pa-pa, boat, ball, dog, uh-oh, all gone {aw-gaw}, cup, coat, car, duck, and more!), and you are so happy when we understand what you're trying to say. you point at everything (for us to name it, and to show you want it), and you use your body to show how you're feeling (doing wiggly dances and claps when you're happy, throwing yourself against the couch when you're tired, stomping and flailing when you're frustrated, and giving us clingy hugs when you're sad or feel sick). these simple gestures are such a huge milestone in your life--i love, love, love knowing what you want and how you are feeling. i can't wait to hear all that you have to say as you continue mastering words and phrases.

your personality is so strong now, although i guess it always has been. you remain my determined, independent, silly budgie, and it brings me so much happiness just watching you be yourself. you've been walking and running since just past your first birthday, and it clearly tickles you to no end that you can get where you want and what you want to easily now. you take off when we give you the chance, and you are such a strong and physically capable kid--you climb and bend and squat and bounce and reach and stand on tiptoe. you love to move and stretch and push your limits--we are quite sure that you will be the source of many a gray hair for your parents.

your favorite things these days include "combing" mama and daddy's hair, "brushing" your own teeth, trying to eat with your own fork and spoon, placing your shapes (sometimes) in their correct sorting holes, listening and clapping along to songs (especially at the library story hour), listening to and "reading" book after book, watching the "elmo's world" portion of sesame street, looking at pictures of people you know, looking in the mirror, putting on and taking off sunglasses, opening and closing doors, switching on and off light switches, and oh so much more. you are constantly exploring, testing, and practicing. you are endlessly fascinated by the world around you, and we are endlessly fascinated by you.

i always told your daddy that i would have a hard time watching you grow out of being a baby, and, oh, has it ever been hard. but it has also been so much more wonderful than i ever could have imagined. you are so. much. fun. toddlerhood? is awesome. i love that we can play together now, and you understand so much of what we tell you. i'm excited for the adventures to come, my sweet bear, and i know i am just going to continue to be more and more proud, awed, and humbled by the lovely person you are becoming.

i love you!

your mama.


  1. What a beautiful post, Hilary Flagg! Every word you said is true, and sweet, and echoed by me.

    As I said to you today on our walk, I never was really excited to have a "baby" (as in, a tiny, six-month old baby), but that turned out to be an awesome, wonderful, cuddly, exhausting experience. But I have always, always, always been excited to have a kid. And our little girl is becoming a kid! What fun :)

  2. What a beautiful post!!! Your family is seriously gorgeous, so much love between the three of you. You are a blessed lady!!