Monday, May 2, 2011

sick. again.

Are you guys getting so sick of hearing me say "Natalie's sick again!" and/or "I'm sick again!"?

Because, believe you me, I am getting SO sick of writing it. And, living it.


I'm not sure if the intestinal distress that has been ailing Natalie was actually an unpleasant little stomach bug that she passed on to me (which we had previously blamed on her antibiotic), or if I am introducing new and even more disgusting germs into our home of weakened immune systems. Either way, I am feeling crummy. Actually, my stomach has felt dodgy for DAYS, but I was not going to let it ruin a perfectly beautiful weekend. My body finally gave out a bit last night, when I crashed into bed at 7:30, and still felt awful this morning. A day on the couch (& some popsicles & tea) later, and I am still feeling under the weather. I am resolving to feel much improved tomorrow so I can enjoy the next two days off with Natalie. Wish me luck.

And send clear fluids.

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