Sunday, May 1, 2011

saturday fun

Yesterday was Family Fun Day at our local Children's Museum. Most of the special exhibits and activities they had set up were for children older than Natalie, but she still had a great time watching the big kids and playing with some of her usual favorite toys. She was having such a great time, in fact, that it was near impossible to get a good picture of her while we were there.

I have lots of the back of her head:

And many blurry-faced ones:

It was a beautiful day for the event, and since the museum is within walking distance of our house we were able to have a lovely stroll there and back in the sunshine. Such a nice way to kick off our weekend. We stopped for lunch on the way home, where Natalie mostly behaved quite well. She was happiest when we let her chomp on the spicy pickle that came with Mike's gyro.

Oh, and Natalie and I kind of matched. I must have had a blue-and-coral theme going on in my head, right down to the denim jackets and little stitched plastic boat shoes!

I have some photos to post of us Steppin' Out last night and today, and you'll see even more matchy-matchy stuff when I get them up. Make fun all you want, I'm totally taking advantage of the fact that Natalie can't fight back against any of my ridiculous fashion choices!


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