Monday, May 16, 2011

hello, again, monday

I have to admit, despite having a quite nice little weekend with Mikey and Natalie, I do feel a bit cheated over the whole thing, too. It was rainy and cold for nearly every hour of our days off, which meant being cooped up inside with a baby who desperately wanted to get some time in the great outdoors.

We spent lots o' time trying to lure Natalie away from pressing her nose to the glass on our kitchen door, or from waving her hat or jacket in the air as she banged on it to say "LET ME OUT!" We did manage to squeeze in some early morning walks in the drizzle before it really started to come down, but other than that Natalie was under house arrest for the weekend, and us with her.

We were productive (Mikey pressure-washed the house! I cooked up a storm, trying to find some creative ways to get vegetables into Natalie's diet.), but also pretty lazy. A highlight? Some very happy bathtime:

Today's the last day to give us a vote in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Baby Journals. I'm hanging in there, just scraping by in the 24th or 25th spot. I'd love to make the final cut! You can vote by clicking the button below, and then once more on the thumbs-up next to my blog name. Thank-you guys SO much for the votes so far, and for keeping BabyMooHoo listed up there with some of my very favorite baby blogs on the whole interwebs. You're the best!



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