Thursday, March 3, 2011

an open letter to ear infections

Oh, hello, Natalie's fifth ear infection. We should have been expecting you.

While I have you here, you fluid-filled thing that won't leave, allow me to give you a piece of my mind.

I hate you. I hate that you and your germy friends have set up camp in my kid's head and won't go away. I hate that because of you my daughter is in pain and my nights have been sleepless.

It devastates me that Natalie's chirpy little noises, infectious laughter, and focused persistence are dulled by your presence. That she is playing and learning and loving despite you, but that her first year of life has been so dampened by the cycle of pain you put her through.

It is unfair that the days off with my child that I treasure are stolen from me in favor of doctor's appointments, that the sweet moments I hold to in the hours I am not with her give way to cranky days that I later feel guilty for wishing away. I hate that because the pain you cause her leads to night after night of no sleep, I end up frustrated and short-fused.

While I do appreciate the sweet snuggles that my sick baby craves from me, I would trade them in an instant to not have to see her push away food and toys as she pulls at her aching ears.

In short, I am sick of you. Go away.


  1. Poor Natalie :( I hope that she is feeling better soon!!

    P.S. We received Natalie's bday invite and will RSVP VERY soon...we are trying to figure out if a short trip downstate will be possible at the end of the month...I certainly hope we can make it for the fabulous Naterpillar party :)

  2. Booo. We're right there with ya; Lindsey was just diagnosed with another ear infection this morning, which makes... 5, maybe? 6? The doctor is recommending ear tubes.

    Hope Natalie is better very soon!

  3. You just nearly made me cry, Hoo. Partly that's from the lack of sleep, but mostly because I agree with every word you said. In reference to Natalie, in the words of Homer Simpson, "She's such a little trooper!"

    She really is. The fact that she's a happy, smart, sweet baby is wonderful, but I also can't help but wonder how much happier she could have been without these damn infections. I want to be nothing but thankful, and mainly, I am, but like you, when it comes to ear infections, I also hate them, now and forever.