Thursday, March 3, 2011

be a follower

I recently bit the bullet and became a public follower of several of the blogs that I read regularly. I'm not sure what my hesitation was about, but when I first started blogging it seemed weird to me to be all ::stalker voice:: I'm FOLLOWING you, especially when it came to the blogs of people I didn't "know" in real life.

Since becoming a more consistent and comfortable blogger, I realized I was just being silly. Connecting to other bloggers is at least half the fun of writing a blog, so why hide in the shadows with my fandom?

I'm challenging you all to do the same. I know there are lots of you readers out there (my stats say so!), but my comment and follower numbers don't add up quite as impressively. I'd love to get to know my readership better, and check out any of YOUR blogs. So be brave. Stop lurking and start following!


  1. Ha! I loved this. Of course, I'm a follower/commenter on the reg. :)

  2. *I'm lurking in the dark shadows, reading your blog.....*

    This post made me laugh! I follow so many blogs (your's included), yet don't publicize my following. I like being shy and quiet and unknown. Yet you're bravely baring all for the world to know!

  3. i've publicly stalking you for over a year :)

  4. I found you on TBB, have been following for a month or so, and just love your blog! :o)