Wednesday, March 23, 2011

children's museum, take 2

My mom got us a family membership to our local children's museum for Mike's birthday, which I put to use for the first time today! We visited the children's museum last fall, when Natalie was still a bit too little to enjoy most of the toys and interactive exhibits.

Today, though, she was SO into it. We spent a little over an hour there, and would have stayed longer had it not been lunch time. Fair warning: this is a picture-heavy post. Like, way more pictures than I probably should subject you to. But, I can't help it, she just struck me as so incredibly cute today!

Here are some highlights:

checking out the little aquarium (her favorite part!)

Showing off a little plastic hermit crab that she desperately wanted to shove entirely in her mouth.

Looking at her reflection in the wacky funhouse-style mirror. This thing totally intrigued her, it was so funny to watch her make faces & press her nose to the mirror in fascination.

Pushing one of the little grocery carts around the Farmer's Market station. I couldn't believe she was actually old enough to be playing with the "big kid" toys like that!

Unable to resist the allure of a plastic pear. Yeah, we went through a lot of wet wipes today as I frantically tried to clean every toy that went into her mouth. Ick.

Checkin' out some of the books on the mini park bench.

Making eyes at some of the older kids--she was endlessly entertained by all the stuff the big kids were doing.

And, as my mother-in-law would say, o my stars that kid is cute.

She completely killed me with her cuteness today. It helped that she was in an exceptionally good mood & completely charmed the pants right off everyone we saw at the museum and grocery store (she clapped & stuck her tongue out & smiled & waved & played peekaboo non-stop, it was hysterical). Yup, it was a good day.


  1. The "oh my stars" thing really almost made me spit my drink out lol thats too funny..we always copy that haha
    p.s. where the heck did you get her outfit!!! I LOVE it!!

  2. @mmcc54
    i love that outfit, too! i seriously want all of the baby girl clothes that she and carly wear to come in grown-up sizes, haha.

    this one is a top i got at tj maxx and the pants are old navy (they are little skinny jeans, they are SO funny to try to squeeze her chubby thighs into!).

  3. I love her hair accessories always! What a fun day, I love her curiosity!!

  4. Oh, man, that girl is turning into not just a cutie pie, but a truly gorgeous little kid! And I loooove her dress.