Monday, February 28, 2011

vacation highlights: pool fun!

Yup, I'm posting pictures of us in our bathing suits all over the interwebs.

Hopefully you're most interested in how cute Natalie is in her suit.

The pool was definitely the highlight of our vacation (well, and I suppose having pool-worthy 80+ degree temperatures every day we were there). It was Natalie's first time in a pool, and she took to it like, well, a fish to water. We picked up a cheapie umbrella floaty, which she happily splashed and kicked around in. Seeing her so happy in the water made me put mommy-baby swimming lessons back on my must-do list.

She did her fair share of clowning around in the water--from tearing at our sunglasses, mimicking her grandpa's splashy clapping, and hand-shoveling chlorinated water into her mouth. Her antics and general cuteness attracted quite a bit of attention from fellow swimmers.

Yup, we & Natalie loved our twice-daily swims; they made our countdown to summer even more pressing. We are ready for warm weather and trips to the beach! C'mon, Mother Nature!

oh, and that suit? an on-sale j.c. penney version of this suit that is so popular on modcloth. i'd been lusting after a retro polka-dotted suit after seeing other bloggy mommies wearing the modcloth version (here and here). when i saw the cheapie version, i jumped at it & i love it!

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  1. Yay! Oh god what I wouldn't give for one 80 degree day. Love your polka dot suit!!