Friday, February 11, 2011

please vote!

The powers that be have reset the numbers over at Top Baby Blogs (which is actually a super cool way of keeping all of our blogs, even this wee one, on a relatively even playing field). This means that all of your old clicks have disappeared, and I need a few new ones to keep me listed. Last time around I made it to page 3 (!!!!), and I'd love to make myself comfortable there again. If you'd be so kind as to click on the banner link below (or the one in my sidebar) and then once more in the new screen that pops up, I'd be so grateful! You can vote every day!

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  1. your totally on page 2 now!!!!! If you make it too page one we are totally doing guest post (which we should do any way) so I can steal some of your traffic haha..good luck..I vote everyday for you :)

  2. I voted, of course! It's amazing what the powers of a reset will do. I was once on page 7, now got front row parking on page 3. :) I also just noticed that you're going to BlogHer! I might see you there?

  3. @Stephanie Thigpen thanks so much for the vote (all of you!)! & yes, blogher '11 here i come--i am so, so excited. it would be wonderful to meet you there :) have you booked your room or done much pre-event networking yet? i feel a bit behind in that department, though i suppose it IS still months away...