Wednesday, February 16, 2011

meeting morgo

My dear, lovely Morgan was introduced to miss Natalie today! I've known Morgan since kindergarten--we fawned over boys together in grade school, stayed up late listening to Guns'n'Roses during middle school sleepovers, sang alongside each other in high school show choir, and made each other laugh with tales of our respective college experiences. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and is one of my favorite people ever.

Unfortunately for me, she is always off adventuring about and very rarely hanging around in our home state. She's making her way up the 'Pike over the next week or so, on a brief trip east from California, and we caught up over lunch in the Old Port today.

Here are some pictures of her getting to know the Natifuss:

We termed the day "Baby's First Pub Crawl," which attracted some attention at our final bar pit stop. Oh, well.

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