Sunday, November 7, 2010

a room of one's own

Daylight Savings Time has not been kind to Natalie--she is tired, hungry, and cranky, and doesn't understand in the least why her meals and naps haven't been on her schedule today. We're crossing our fingers that by tomorrow evening she'll have adjusted.

At least this weekend wasn't all bad for the Natifuss--she was the recipient of her very own playroom yesterday, which Mike and I have been working hard to create over this past week. We're still not completely done, but our little laundry room has been mostly transformed into a baby-safe space, and so far Natalie has loved it.

Here are a few shots of the almost-finished product:

I fell in love with a little red armchair for her reading corner, and picked up a matching storage ottoman to use as a toy box. We finally bought a foamy playmat to cover the floor, and cleared our old cd shelf to make room for a bunch of Natalie's books (her favorite game these days is to pull books off shelves, so this way at least it's her durable cardboard books that take the biggest beating). I painted a rather rudimentary tree mural on one of the walls and door, and we just bought a safety gate to block off the storage closet that shares the space. Overall, our little cherry-themed playroom is awfully cute, if I do say so myself.

Making it even cuter, of course, is Natalie herself. She's been so sweet crawling around in there, checking everything out and absolutely tearing the place apart to her heart's content.

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  1. LOVE the room -- great mural, mom! Seriously! The room is adorable and FUN! Well done! :) Kisses to Natalie -- hope today is better for her!