Monday, November 8, 2010

fashion forward

I may be biased, but I think my kid is awfully cute. And, lately, she's become even cuter in her little outfits than I even thought possible. She's officially grown out of that awkward baby phase where clothes always look kind of silly, and is now into the full-fledged dress-me-up phase.

For your viewing pleasure, a random sampling of Natalie's adorable baby fashion statements from the past week:

On Thursday she got all Carrie Bradshaw and just wore an oversized white button-down as a dress to the Children's Museum. Pink polka-dotted tights & massive bow headband to complete the look? Check.

We always try to pull out all the stops on daycare mornings--this week it was polka-dots everywhere, from her pants to the sleeves on her "Daddy Loves Me" onesie, and on up to another one of those irresistable bow headbands. Her daycare boyfriend, Max, loved the look.

So far, the cutest possible clothes Natalie can wear are snuggly outerwear suits. Last week we put the Goodwill Elmo snowsuit into the rotation for some chilly leaf play on the back deck.

I'm probably a little too enamored with baby overalls for most people's taste, but, truly, I can't resist them. I think Natalie has already owned at least 8 pairs of overalls in her seven months on this planet. And there are more just sitting in her dresser waiting to be worn. These pastel corduruoy ones were another second-hand find, and we couldn't resist completing the ensemble with her little Red Sox cap, which is finally starting to fit her little head.

Yesterday Natalie managed to look super cute and put together for a total of 3 hours while we ran errands before promptly blowing out her diaper and soaking her jeans in something unspeakable. Before The Incident, however, she was so, so sweet in her little wide-leg jeans, hand-knit sweater (a gift from her Great Aunt Barbara), and that sweet Baby Gap bunny hat that Lindsay gifted her with last month.

Yes, fall has been a great season of fashion for the budgie. Winter is looking promising as well--I've been hoarding everything wool, plaid, and hooded that I can get my hands on. Just today I nabbed a hooded red sweater dress that actually makes my heart hurt to look at it. You can be sure that this little fussy face will be one well-dressed snow bunny in the coming months. Pictures, as usual, will be copious.

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  1. omg overalls and elmo. hilary, you-are-killing-me. I love it, keep 'em coming!! She is beautiful!