Friday, October 1, 2010

recent recap

It's been a busy few days! We had a great visit with Natalie's Grandma and Grandpa Cherry this past weekend, and the remainder of the week seems to have just flown by.

The grandparents arrived last Friday, and it was so sweet to see them reunited with Natalie after a full 3-month separation. As grandparents often do, they came bearing gifts: Natalie was the recipient of a slew of touch-n-learn books that she l-o-v-e-s. She settled right in with Grandpa to listen to him read about farmyard animals while she alternated gazing up at him and scratching at the fluffy pictures.

We enjoyed typical fall weather all weekend--warm enough to eat dinner on the patio of the Boat House and take a leisurely stroll along the Boardwalk to get ice cream, and then cool and crisp enough to warrant snuggling in with blankets and cider.

We hit up School House Farm once again to pick more apples (we absolutely devoured the last batch!), and also nabbed some pears and pumpkins while we were there.

It was a wonderful visit, and we were all sad to see Bill and Sherry head back to New York on Tuesday. We'll be seeing them at Thanksgiving, if not sooner. It's tough seeing how much Natalie changes these days and knowing that 2/3 of her grandparents aren't even in the same state.

Other than snuggling with Grandma and Grandpa Cherry, Natalie's been busy perfecting her army crawl, wolfing down solid foods, cutting a tooth (!), and generally being curious and adorable at all times. She gets into EVERYTHING now, and seems to be learning that the things we don't want her to play with are more fun--I think she likes a challenge!

I'm hoping to have a more detailed update on Natalie's food progress soon! In the meantime, Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


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