Friday, September 17, 2010

to daycare, with love

To start, a picture of my cutie in my most recent favorite Goodwill find, this adorable hooded sweater vest:

Most of you know that we've recently started bringing Natalie to daycare one day a week, which has been an incredibly difficult transition for me. I plan on writing more at a later date about the daycare doldrums, and the superb and much-needed support I've received from other moms and kind friends.

But today? Today I dropped Natalie off a full hour and half before I need to be at work, and she smiled at one of her teachers as soon as we walked in the door. She (as usual) hardly noticed as I left the room. I did tear up as I drove away, but no actual tears made their way down my cheeks.

Right now I am sipping a caramel latte, writing this post at a leisurely pace, commenting on my favorite blogs, half-heartedly watching trashy tv-on-dvd, and, to be honest, enjoying the quiet of a house to myself. Part of me feels guilty admitting that today daycare was not an entirely heart-wrenching ordeal. In fact, in this moment I kind of like the freedom that daycare has afforded me. I am going to be able to blow-dry my hair before work. Put dishes away. Pump without simultaneously trying to keep Natalie from gnawing on electrical cords. It's actually kinda nice.

Don't get me wrong, I miss this little face:

Who wouldn't?

But I think I'm getting a bit more comfortable with the daycare scene now that I know she is happy and well-cared for there, and I think I could get used to these solo Friday mornings.

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  1. you're doing great! you need YOU time sometimes to keep you sane! i don't have children yet - but have heard from many. and while your benefiting, she is as well - she's able to interact with other kids and that's always a good thing too!