Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sing along, won't you?

Coming soon: a full report on our trip to The County, complete with pictures of Natalie next to potato fields and in the arms of her namesake. In the meantime, please join me in singing along to the tune that's been in my head since the moment we got north of Bangor on the trip home:

Did you say you're from The County,
where the sparklin' rivers shine,
Did I hear you say you're from The County,
Then you must know this friend of mine,
Where your eyes can see forever,
through the skies so big and blue,
Did you say you're from The County,
Hey, I'm from The County too.

n the warm September breeze,
I worked the long rich rows upon my knees,
Now those days are in my mind,
every time I dream about the Houlton line,
Although that child has grown past those signs of home,
And this life I own is not the same,
All your hills and farms wait with open arms,
Every time I wander home again.

If there's one thing I have known,
it's that the Forts of Kent and Fairfield are my home,
If there's one thing I could see,
I would watch the County sun rise just for me,
And hear those church bell sounds over Sweden Town,
As I wander down to Caribou,
Now you chance to say you're from up that way,
How I fancy bumping into you.

By our hearts and hands and harrows,
In this land we did remain,
Now the hopes of our tomorrows,
Are here in the Crown of Maine.

The County Song
Written by Steve Romanoff & Anne Jepson
Performed by Schooner Fare
Loved by me


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