Thursday, August 19, 2010

last post before we're off the grid

I've never been one to resist a sale, and baby clothes are no exception. I think Natalie is going to be thrifty like her mama, because she looks so gosh darn cute in stuff from the bargain bin.

My most recent favorite steal is this little floppy-eared knit cap that, while still a bit big for our girl now, will be just the perfect thing to fend off the Maine autumn chill. Seriously, how cute is this hat?!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the girl looks good in a hat. Heck, there's even a work-in-progress "Nat in a Hat" page of her baby scrapbook! I'm not sure where she gets it, since Mike and I are not exactly hat-wearers... but it's awfully fun to pick them out for her!

We're headed north to The County this weekend--Natalie's first time at the fahm! My parents jokingly refer to my hometown as "The Shire" because it really is like traveling to another world, or even back in time a bit, to this gorgeous green landscape where life is just at a slower pace. We're looking forward to some cool, quiet, summer nights and the chance to catch up with good friends!


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