Saturday, August 28, 2010

our weekend in pictures

It's Mikey's last weekend before heading back to work after his summer of daddy daycare. We figured we should spend it wisely.

At Natalie's insistence, we chose to:
A) Snuggle at the beach after lunch at the Camden Deli

B) Try out some new chomping material (frozen washcloths are the biggest hit!)

C) Visit the newly engaged Aunt Emma and Uncle Wob

D) Test out the big-girl booster seat at dinner time

E) Give the baby mohawk a real go

In all, a successful weekend so far. Tomorrow's looking like a pajama day, for sure.

I'm hoping Mikey will be game to write a post about his thoughts on the end of his pseuodo paternity leave, and what this summer has been like for him as Natalie's primary caregiver.

Other upcoming posts to look forward to? A play-by-play of Natalie's sitting adventures, and info on my latest business venture!

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