Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blogher 2011, here i come (?)

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but doing so requires time and concentration, both of which are generally eaten up by a certain laughing-rolling-hair-pulling-potentially-teething-toe-sucking-pouty-face who shall remain nameless. But currently that nameless one is sleeping off some heavy-duty washcloth sucking and razzing, which means I get to sit down and tell you all about my latest business venture, which I'm hoping you'll be as super excited about as I am! I'm writing at the expense of a shower and laundry, so you know this must be a big deal.

Mostly I'm writing to say that I like this blogging gig. It gives me a place to share the highs and lows of mommyhood, a forum to show outrageously cute pictures of the budgie, and most importantly it makes me feel connected to friends and family who may be far away in distance but are so close to my heart. Also? The blogging world is way cool. Like, way cooler than I had ever imagined or anticipated when I first set up this blogger account way back at the end of my first trimester (exactly a year ago today!). Falling in love with blogging and so many of the other blogging women I've been able to connect with thanks to the glory of the interwebs has made me eager to learn more, to be a better blogger, to meet some of my online idols.

And I have the chance to do all of those things. The BlogHer 2011 conference is less than a year away (August 5th & 6th) in San Diego. And (breathing deeply and putting on brave face), I want to go. All by my lonesome. All the way across the country.

It is at once terrifying (by myself? leaving Natalie behind? spending all that money?) and butterfly-inducingly-exciting to think that I could really make it happen. To think that I could actually meet Mandy from Harper's Happenings, Allison from O My Family, and Blair from Heir to Blair? Whoa. And to have the opportunity to learn from expert bloggers and photographers and web designers? Double whoa. And to live out #3 on my Bucket List and take a solo vacation? Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Yup, I'm making it my goal and saying it out loud: I want to go to there.

So what does this have to do with the entrepeneurial spirit I alluded to earlier? Well, let me tell you: I'm fundraising my way to BlogHer '11. You may have noticed that Natalie is often sporting some pretty adorable homemade onesies--well, those onesies can be yours! In addition to pinching every last penny I have from now until next August, I'm also selling onesies to make a few extra bucks to help pay for my trip.

This is where you get to swoop in and make my dreams come true, just by spending $10 on one of my homemade-with-love-for-baby creations. Or, you are so fabulous as to pass along this information to other people in your life who might also be interested in making such a purchase. Or, you let me know that it's not totally crazy/selfish/weird/foolish to want to embark on such an adventure.

Or, all of the above.


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  2. This is a FABULOUS idea.

    While I pull off the romper, I'm not quite sure I can make the onesie happen...I'd like to buy one for lil miss natalie. How can I make that happen?! xoxo

  3. Well, I'm clearly getting a couple of these for Jason's cousin, who is due at Christmas.

  4. i'm sending hugs of the bear variety across the internet to both of you.


  5. oh you simply must go! it's the best experience. see you there, hopefully!


  6. i'm crossing all my fingers and toes!

  7. I went to BlogHer a few years ago after Jojo but before the Nugget (in fact, I was preggers there and couldn't drink a darn thing) -- it was fantabulously fantastic! I highly recommend it. Next year I might go, too!!

  8. ohmygoshhhhh gooooo!! we could rock san diego together!! and relive doci horror stories :)

  9. just stumbled across your blog! this post of yours? i find myself in the same boat. perhaps we BOTH will be there!