Saturday, July 10, 2010

shoulda put a ring on it

Oh, boy, do we have big news this week! Natalie's auntie Amanda-Panda is getting married!!!!

We played host to a coupla couples this past week, including the NOW ENGAGED Amanda and George. I hate to be all bragadocious, but I totally called this one. For reals. It just felt like the right time for them, and, selfishly, I was kind of hoping to be thisclose to miss Amanda when it happened so that I could do lots of jumping up and down and screaming face to face instead of just over the phone.

Here they are being all cute with Natifuss, looking quite comfortable entertaining a baby:

Colleen the matchmaker also got some quality time with the budgie, and I have to say I'm crossing my fingers big time that she and her husband John are next on the baby-making train because they are sure to make an awesome playmate for Natalie.

While we were guaranteed to have a great time with those four under any circumstances, Amanda and George gave us extra reason to celebrate. Here they are, fresh from George's romantic proposal at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse:

Mikey and I will take any excuse to go out to dinner, so we of course suggested a waterfront meal to celebrate the newly engaged lovebirds. It's always a little dicey taking Natalie out to eat, because there's no predicting how long she'll remain content before fussing, crying, screeching just to hear her own voice, or squirming so much that it's no longer possible to eat one-handed. She actually impressed us all this time, and managed to keep her chattiness at a reasonable volume and allowed us to have a fun night out.

Here we all are, aglow with all the lovey-dovey vibes that George and Amanda were sending out:

It was a great visit, and we're so happy to have had the opportunity to share in such a special day of George and Amanda's life together.


  1. We loved spending our day with you guys!! Can't wait for another coastal retreat :)

  2. Thank you for your hospitality! We had a fantasmic time. Maybe next time all your NY friends can combine forces and maybe catch a killer whale?