Thursday, July 22, 2010

mini moo

We've spent lots of time over the course of the past 3 (almost 4!) months analyzing who Natalie looks like on any given day. Yesterday was a Mikey Day, hands down.

Exhibit A: Baby Mikey

Exhibit B: Miss Natalie

The big eyes. The down-turned mouth. The curious expression. Not to mention those enormous, soft cheeks. Yup, I'd say we have a mini-Mikey on our hands.


  1. I met a super cute baby yesterday who reminded me of Natalie face, and I got all missing-you-guys.

  2. That's amazing. Who would have known that child would grow up to love swimming and basketball so much?

  3. hahaha wow that's amazing.

  4. omg these kill me. KILL ME. love love love.

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