Saturday, May 1, 2010

picture this

I had big plans to write an entry earlier this week, and then earlier today.... and now I'm tired and Natalie's being cute and cuddly, so I've decided to forget about "writing" anything--instead, here are some pictures of the big moments in Natalie's last couple of weeks:

Natalie's sleep habits have changed quite a bit just in the last week or so... she's going to bed earlier (yay!), and has a more consistent nap schedule (kind of). Above is a picture of her being oh-so-cute during one of her morning naps.

Mike gave Natalie her first bottle nearly two weeks ago, and has been giving her one pretty regularly ever since (about every other day). It's been nice to share that part of parenting, and it is so sweet to see them snuggled up together while she eats.

Last week while Mike was out of town I spent a few days at my parents' house and got to share miss Natalie with some of her extended family. She got to meet her great-grandmother and one of her great aunts for the first time! Above is a shot of all of us Flagg women huddled around the newest addition to the family.

It was so special to see Natalie with her great grandmother at last, I was so happy to see them together!

When we got back home after our visit to Nana and Poppy's, Natalie got to meet another extended family member--her "auntie" Amanda, who stopped by on her way through town! Amanda is known the world-over as a baby whisperer, so I knew she and Natalie would get along just great. Despite her visit happening right smack in the middle of our budgie's fussiest hour of her fussiest day of her fussiest week, she managed to elicit some sleepy happy time for at least a few minutes.

Natalie has also been getting lots of smooches and squeezes from her Aunt Emma, who love love loves her niece more than I ever could have imagined. I love this photo of them, both making the same adorable expression! Having the support and help of my family throughout this first month has been invaluable, and it makes it even better to know that every set of hands that has been holding our little girl belongs to someone who is madly in love with her.

We've been trying desperately to capture some of Natalie's first smiles in photo, but have had no real luck yet. This one is the closest we've come so far...

This morning Mike and I spent Natalie's happiest hour (8 - 9am) snuggling in bed and making silly faces at our girl, who rewarded us with some half-grins and lots of happy punching & kicking at the air.

Here we all are, in typical fashion--Mike & I overjoyed to be with our little munchkin, and Natalie looking serious as usual.

And, last but not least, my very favorite photo of Natalie thus far. We spent today walking and driving in the sunshine, and thought our little squawker should protect those baby blues from the bright sun. What a glamour girl, right?

So that's the latest.... in pictures (and more than a few words, because, well, I'm wordy).


  1. I love her so much!!! Thank you for sharing pictures for us all to enjoy :) Tell Natalie her "Auntie" Amanda cannot wait to spend more time with her. Lots of love to your whole family!