Sunday, April 25, 2010

rub a dub dub

There are lots of things this post could be about. The short version of our updates include: Natalie is officially a month old; we spent four whole nights away from home (and without Mike), at my mom and dad's; our adorable, sleepy, easily pacified baby is now daily replaced by a howling, inconsolable, red-faced baby when it hits 5 o'clock; we're exhausted to the point of near-insanity and certainly to the point of tears, and haven't had a minute to return a phone call or email in at least a week; Natalie had her first real smile this morning; etc. etc. etc. There's a lot going on around here lately.

But, this post will be devoted to Natalie's first real bath (partly because her umbilical stump FINALLY fell off and we'd like to share our excitement about being able to use her baby tub, and partly because these pictures of her are so adorable it makes my heart hurt and I just have to share). We had bath time this evening, and were pretty nervous about whether or not Natalie would like being in the water. Lucky for us, she loved it! At least for today, we have a real water baby on our hands. Here are some pictures of her first tubby-time:

And, as if all that bath time cuteness wasn't enough, here are some baby feet to top it all off:

I'll have a more thorough post soon, with pictures from our visit to Nana and Poppy's, and (by popular demand) a breastfeeding update. In the meantime, we'll be doing our best to keep up with our ever-changing baby!


  1. I LOVE her so much!!! I'm so glad she enjoyed her very first bath. I was so very happy to meet Natalie this weekend, and of course to catch up with you and Mike :) Give lots of kisses to Natalie from her "Auntie" Amanda <3

  2. My friend said that her second cried so much that the only way to keep their sanity was to buy ear plugs. That way she could scream her head off while you rock her but you can keep save your poor ears! Or hey, you could go super high tech and do bose noise cancelling.
    My little brother was the same way and it turns out the only way to make him stop was to sing louder than he could cry.

    Good luck! She is soooooo cute


  3. oh my the picture in her after-bath snuggie is absolutely dreamy.