Monday, March 22, 2010

get out of my [uterus], and into my car

Oh, how I wish this entry was a big baby announcement complete with pictures of MooHoo instead of a very swollen, tired, 40+ week pregnant me. But, as my dad would remind me when singing the Rolling Stones to me as a child, "You can't always get what you want." So, here is what I truly hope is my last round of belly photos for this pregnancy.

The belly is pretty impressive, no? I took some time to go back through all the pictures Mikey and I have taken over the last 40 weeks and marveled at how much my body has stretched and grown to accomodate our growing girl. I can't believe how "big" I thought I was months ago. If only my 20 week pregnant self could have seen what was to come...

I'm officially on maternity leave from work, which is both awesome and a letdown. I've been able to rest up, catch up on dvr'd episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and indulge in some unnecessary baby clothes shopping (see photo evidence below), but mostly I am just feeling anxious and eager about finally getting Baby MooHoo out of my body.

At my last appointment, my midwife checked my cervix for signs of dilation and effacement, and, while my cervix is softening, as of my due date there were no signs of dilation. Since then, I have started to have painless, irregular contractions almost daily, and my baby belly has continued to drop. Mikey and I are scheduled to see the midwife again this Thursday, assuming I'm not in labor before then. At this appointment they will check my cervix again and I'll have a sonogram to check out how the little alien is faring in utero. If she is continuing to do well and my amniotic fluid levels are still healthy, we'll be setting up another appointment and doing some more waiting... if it looks like she's reaching the point of being overdue, oversized, or at any medical risk in there, we'll move to talks about inducement. As much as I want to get this baby out, I am truly hoping that I don't have to be induced; I would much rather have a natural labor that takes its course without any medical intervention.

I've used these last few days as an opportunity to buy needless baby items like tights with ruffles, rainbow leg warmers, and more. I just can't help myself. I figure if I'm not in labor I deserve to entertain myself in whatever ways I can, and right now useless baby accessories are the surest way to make me happy.

Everyone cross your fingers that this is my last pregnant post! I hope to be writing again very soon with big news!


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