Wednesday, February 3, 2010

nesting and resting

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday at our place. No way does this woman look 60, right? What a hip grandma! We spent the day visiting and eating, which is just my style these days.

I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow, which means I'm just 3 weeks from being classified as officially "full term," even though my due date is still 6 weeks away. I don't know how it's possible that I'll just continue growing for a month and half! I managed to squeeze myself into the first maternity shirt I ever bought (pictured below)... when I bought it at 10 weeks pregnant I thought it looked humongous and would definitely take me all the way through the pregnancy. Wrong! This is the first time I have thought to put it on, and it will definitely be the last time I have the energy to wedge myself into it.

Mikey and I have been hard at work getting things together in Moohoo's nursery, which is sometimes fun and sometimes just exhausting. We've (read: I've) chosen purple, green, and white for the nursery colors, and everything is so gosh darn cute I can hardly stand it! Mike's mom got us the changing table pictured above, and we picked up the sweetest lilac and green floral sheet to top off the changing pad--I love it! Every little thing we do to make the nursery cozy and cute makes me feel excited, weepy, and anxious all at once. She's really going to join us out here--and this is really going to be her very first bedroom!

While my parents and sister were here I got to show off some of the adorable-ness that has been filling up Moohoo's room, including these melt-your-heart mini boots that Jen and Chris got for us. I think my dad was as impressed as a grown man can really be with tiny girl's shoes...

Thanks to Mikey's hard work, our "travel system" (stroller and car seat) is all put together and ready to hit the pavement with Moohoo on board. I usually take a minute or two every night to take it for a spin around the nursery before I go to bed. It's definitely going to take some practice to figure out how to quickly get the car seat snapped into the stroller while trying to keep a sleeping or fussy infant happy.

We still have lots more to do to get the nursery fully baby-ready, but we're well on our way! Tonight we put together the pack'n'play, which has a bassinet and changing table feature that will allow baby girl to sleep in our room with us for her first month or two while we get used to waking up every two hours to feed, change, and soothe her. This weekend our plan is to put together the crib, glider, and swing... and then the next few weeks will mostly be spent trying to figure out where everything else is going to fit in the various drawers, baskets, and shelves throughout the house. Who knew someone so tiny could "need" so much stuff?!

Other than nursery set-up I've mostly been focused on staying comfortable; my back has continued to ache most days, but with the help of lots of stretching, warm baths, and my candy cane shaped full body pillow I've been pretty successful at keeping the pain in check. Nightly back rubs from Mikey help an awful lot, too! I don't want to wish the last weeks of this pregnancy away, but I will definitely appreciate having my body to myself again. In the meantime, I keep reminding myself that the pain will have its reward... and it won't be much longer!


  1. Wow! You look wonderful, and I'm not at all surprised you two are ready for this kid whenever she graces us with her presence.

  2. I applaud the use of Elmira College Purple :) You look amazing and so does the nursery! Can't wait to meet baby Moohoo!!!!!!!