Thursday, November 8, 2012

let her sleep

This child never sleeps past 5:30 on a weekend morning.  Never.

I have to, literally, drag this same child out of bed at 6:40 every weekday morning so that I can force her into clothes and the car to make it to daycare (and, you know, work) on time.

But today!  Today is a 2 hour delay day!  And because Natalie is asleep & unaware of weather patterns & school closing policies, she is still blissfully conked out on a Thursday morning at 6:50am while I enjoy a second cup of coffee.  It's going to baffle her to wake up on her own, and I am so happy she really gets a chance to enjoy a full night's sleep without me waking forcefully waking her up.  Also?  I don't mind the 2 hour delay to my workday and the quiet time in my warm house while the wind howls outside.

Because no post is complete without some sort of complaint--I am a bit bummed that all of the work I put into preparing for my scheduled formal observation may go to waste.  First period today was my scheduled time to be observed.... and now I will likely have to reschedule.  Booooo.  

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  1. the time change hasn't been good for my kids. they are awake SOOOOO early now. :-/