Monday, October 29, 2012

big girl bed!

Okay, let the pointing and laughing commence over us keeping Natalie in a crib until she was over two and a half years old.  Seriously, the kid never once tried to climb out & we have a very steep flight of stairs outside of her room to contend with--we were quite happy to keep her in the confines of her crib for as long as possible.  The little budgie has been more interested in sharing our bed than spending the full night in her own lately, though, which we thought was in part because a real bed is way more comfortable.  We decided to cash in the Big Girl Bed Coupon that Nat's Bampa and Mimi gifted her for her second birthday and start the transformation from nursery to big girl bedroom.

Last Saturday, the bed arrived!  Natalie was over the moon when the delivery men arrived.  "Where the mans go?" she asked when they would go back out to their truck to get tools or her mattress.  She insisted on staying in her room and watching the (very patient, very sweet, very kid-friendly) delivery-men put her bed together.  As soon as they were gone, she jumped on the bed non-stop for ten minutes or so, and then cuddled right in when I put on her new bedding.  Girlfriend was THRILLED.

Part of the transformation of her room included taking out her changing table at last, rearranging some other items in the room, and adding a little tent for a reading nook.  I followed this pattern (and consulted this one and this one, too), which was remarkably easy.  Very little measuring, and only required two flat twin sheets and a couple of yards of ribbon.

Nat's first night in her bed was a great success--she conked out with no difficulty, after a sneaky little solo tea party.  We found her like this, on top of the covers with all of her books piled on her pillow and every piece of play food in her room next to her.

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  1. I babysat a family of 5 kids once and the youngest was 3. He still sleep in his crib. They even had a screen tent-like thing to make sure he couldn't climb out!