Saturday, July 21, 2012


This cool kid may have managed to pull off a mega-surprise!  Hard to believe, I know, given my tendencies toward extreme excitement and bean-spilling.

In any case, if all is going as planned I am barrelling down the highway (well, backseat driving as Mike is barrelling down the highway) at breakneck speed to get to the Edna St. Vincent Melee intra-squad roller derby bout in time to jump in on the Thriller flash mob happening at halftime.  My ill-timed trip to The County meant that I had to bow out of the halftime routine with my fellow jeerleaders, but some last-minute changes to our travel itinerary meant the possibility that I might make it back in time to join in on the fun.  I'm hoping to shock the heck out of my partners in jeers by showing up with other community zombies, and somehow also manage to remember all the dance moves while I'm at it.  I'm, oh, 75% confident I'll pull it off.  If I manage to make it on time & get in on the fun, you can be sure there will be pictures & video to share with you within the next couple of days. 

Also coming up on the blog?  POTATO BLOSSOM FESTIVAL UPDATES.  Don't keel over from your inevitable manic enthusiasm. 

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