Monday, July 23, 2012

steppin' out saturday: street dance edition

On Friday night, we Stepped Out to watch the mashed potato wrestling spectacle and stuck around downtown to hit up the beer garden and enjoy the street dance. 

On Mama:  Jeans:  Old Navy // Top:  TJ Maxx

On the budgie:  Jeans:  Old Navy // Sandals:  JCP // Tank & Hoodie: gifted

Here are a few pictures of our evening:

I was so excited to share mashed potato wrestling with Natalie... but girlfriend was unimpressed.  In fact, she was horrified by the whole thing.  Screamed bloody murder when the loud music & announcer boomed on, and was beside herself in shock that those kids were "COVERED!" in mashed potatoes.

Our pal (& wedding singer, hollaaaa!) Ben Kilcollins opened the street dance with a great acoustic set.  Ben went to high school with me, and is one of the most talented artists I know.  He's currently making a living entertaining the people of Portland (you know, the one in Maine), and it was pretty sweet for little old Potato Blossom Festival to get homeboy back in town to perform.

I got to see Amanda & George's new apartment and give them both lots of wine-breath snuggles (they didn't seem to mind), and we treated ourselves to our annual dough boy at the food court. 

The headlining act of the street dance was Motor Booty Affair, which was kind of a riot.  I hadn't seen them perform before, but it's all polyester & afro wigs & disco balls.  It was fun to get down until the break of 10:30pm, when Mike and I decided we'd better pack it in for the night to be ready for our child's inevitable 5am wakeup call. 

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  1. We had such a great time "steppin' out" with you two!