Wednesday, July 25, 2012

just two more days, just two more days, just two more days

Oh, I am missing that Mikey something fierce.  Not just because of how much easier it is to be a parent with a partner-in-discipline, but because we are totally unaccustomed to spending time apart... and it feels completely weird.  But, we've made it this far and he'll be home on Friday afternoon, so I'm just digging in and getting through it.

The parenting end of things is going pretty well, but it is HARD to go it alone.  I was super ambitious the first day (it helped that Natalie was at daycare) and did!  all!  the!  things!  before collapsing in a puddle on the couch as soon as Natalie was asleep for the night.  My productivity is waning as the week goes on, and while Monday I managed to get dinner in the crockpot, whip up some pesto, slice rhubarb for pie, do three loads of laundry, finally put together some choreography for our upcoming jeerleading routine, and make progress on my work to-do list.... today I am using Natalie's naptime to let some tomatoes & onions simmer on the stove for tonight's pizza sauce while I sip another cup of coffee and veg out in front of both Pinterest and Netflix.  Thank-you, naptime.

Tonight one of Nat's friends is coming over to play in the backyard and help us make pizza, and then tomorrow we have the Farmer's Market and a visit from Nana (including a trip to the circus!) to keep us busy.  Then, oh thank goddess, then it will be Friday and we will have our Moo back home.  I can't wait to see Natalie race into his arms, settle in for some snuggles on the couch, and have him back by my side in bed. 

Just two more days!


  1. Man-o-man do I miss that family of mine. Thank god for Skype and classes that only last one week. I'll be home soon, my two loves :)

  2. So happy for you guys that you will be reunited tomorrow!! Hang in there, Hilary, sounds like you are doing a fabulous job with that little cutie of yours and reinforcements are on the way :)