Friday, July 13, 2012

hoop dreams

The latest addition to our backyard mini-playground.  Pretty soon the whole thing will just be one big ball pit, I fear.  But, oh well, Natalie is loving it.  She's been making baskets non-stop since we bought it, and I love seeing how much fun she has playing.  We're crossing our fingers for that basketball scholarship, obvs.  She is still in the top percentile for height, so ya never know.  :)

Natalie's Bampa & Mimi & Great-Grandpa Pete are visiting for the weekend, and tomorrow the Nana & Poppy & Aunt Emma & Travis contingent will make the trip to Rockland for Blues Festival, too, so it's a super-fun family-filled few days around here.  The weather continues to be the perfect summer-in-Maine stuff that we spend the rest of the year dreaming about, so if it continues to be quiet around here it's just because we're out soaking it all in.  Wishing you all a great weekend!

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