Thursday, May 24, 2012

beach days begin

Excited to see the sun peeking through on our quarter-mile walk from the road (the state park beach road is closed until this weekend) to the beach)!

We made it to the sand!  Natals was particularly curious about the seaweed ("What's dis, Mommy?")

We had the whole place to ourselves for over an hour, before a few other brave beach-goers brought their dogs down for a sandy run.  It was so nice to have a place to really let Natalie run free without feeling like I needed to be right there to hold her hand.  She loved the freedom, and kept looking back at me and laughing as she'd tear off down the beach.

We picked lots of "treasures" by the water, but I wasn't able to convince her to get close enough to the rocky tidal pools to search for starfish and wee lobsters.  Next time.

Our walk back was considerably slower than the walk down--lots of me lugging my 35 pound toddler along with our beach bag, cooler, and camera.  We took plenty of breaks for Natalie to sit on the side of the path and make rock piles while I gave my poor shoulders a break.

I am so excited for the summer of beach days ahead!  This was the first of many!


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