Tuesday, April 3, 2012

morning movie date

I forgot to tell you guys that the Moo & I got to catch an early-morning showing of The Hunger Games movie on Saturday, while Natalie had a couple of hours to hang out with her baby-sitter.  I asked Natalie to pose for a couple of picture with me before we headed out, and she was totally game to comply.  This new thing where she likes to pose just like we do is cracking me up.

Have you guys all seen the movie by now?  And read the book(s), too?  I read the book as part of a Community Read at work, where we partnered with the local high school and some others in the community to read & talk about the book, sponsor a big food drive, and then catch a private showing of the movie.  It was a huge success--we donated over 300 pounds of non-perishable food & household items, and gave away 100 copies of the book to eager readers.  Our local library hosted weekly book discussion groups, and I worked with a group of high school students to help plan a big "Cornucopia" event that focused on survival skills training, plus I got to help guide them in creating a blog to use as a forum for student discussion and extra credit.  I liked the book pretty well, but I actually think I liked the movie better--the story lent itself really well to the big screen, and the casting was great.  I didn't really miss any of the little plot points that were missing from the movie version, although I do think the incredible poverty of the outlying Districts wouldn't have been as apparent to those who had not read the book.

But, anyway.  It was a great excuse to get out for a movie date and some morning popcorn.


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