Thursday, April 12, 2012

a list of the stuff i would have blogged about

I'm sick--sinus infection & ear infection.  Antibiotics have made a world of difference in under 24 hours, but I'm still a whiney, sniffling mess.  I took the morning off to rest and drink tea after bringing Natalie to daycare, and imagined that I would use the time to do lots of leisurely & really interesting blogging.

Instead, I napped for 3 hours and realized it was time to get ready for my workday.  Which will still be 8 hours long, btw.

So, here's the list of stuff I would have blogged about if I'd actually taken the time to do so.  Still counts, right?

* We're going to Atlantic City next week!  I am so excited & totally panicked about packing Natalie into a car for a 10 hour drive, but, whatever.  Vacation!  I have some thoughts on traveling with a toddler (and lots of questions for those of you more seasoned parents), and hopefully I'll get around to having something up on the blog before we leave.

* Our computer crashed.  Mike came home to a dead duck of a laptop on Tuesday afternoon.  It's currently in the shop and we pressed fast-forward on our plan to save up for a new one by just running right out and getting one that night.  We are internet addicts.  The computer crisis has put my Lunch with Natalie feature on hold, but I'm hoping to remedy that in the next couple of days as well.

* I have a couple of really easy and yummy recipes to share with you, that are pretty kid-friendly.  We've been trying to trick Natalie into eating vegetables, which she continues to shy away from.  What happened to my green bean loving baby??  Whoever this toddler is, she is not what I expected in the eating department.  I'm hoping to have the recipes set to auto post while we're on vacation next week.  If you try them, or have any other kid-friendly recipes full of vegetables, let me know!

*  Life?  Is good.  I feel like I've had a rough go of it over the past couple of weeks (you know, getting roofied and then sick and all), but I can't help but feel really positive about where my life is these days.  I want to pause where Natalie is developmentally and just keep her like this forever.  She's become much more snuggly and willing to sit in our laps for lengthier story books, but is also constantly saying and doing new things.  She has been SO FUNNY lately.  She puts on our shoes and ridiculous hats and belts and neckties and parades around waiting for us to laugh at her.  Once she knows that we'll laugh at something, she does it over and over and just cracks up at our response.  The kid is a ham.  And being around such a sweet, good-natured kid has made it hard for me to feel in a funk.  I know how quickly that can change (hello, terrible twos), but the past couple of weeks have been So Good in the parenting world.  Family life is good.

....I think that's it.  Who knows.  Sorry for the randomness of this post & all the big promises to write more later.  Hopefully I follow through.  Happy Thursday :)


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