Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a few vacation highlights

Did I tell you guys that I'm still sick?  That pesky sinus infection just won't seem to give up.  I've been using up box after box of tissues like it's my job, and although we had a fabulous and (mostly) restful vacation, I had to call in sick today to really give myself a full day of doing absolutely nothing in an attempt to recover a bit more.  I ended up napping for nearly 5 hours (!) after dropping Natalie off at daycare, and felt almost immediately better.  I think my body just never really relaxed for all of last week--between the somewhat frantic mode of parenting that switches on when we're out of our normal routine and then playing host to the boys (who are, arguably, the easiest houseguests ever) all weekend, I just never really had any downtime.  I felt guilty taking the day, not so much about taking the time away from work but more because I was leaving Natalie behind at daycare while I was headed home for some peace and quiet without her.  And not a day of peace and quiet where I was productively doing the post-vacation clean-up that our house pretty desperately needs (despite being easy houseguests, the boys left our home smelling distinctly of, well, "boy;"  you know, beer & farts & potato chips), but instead a day of nothing but tea and sleep and pj's. 

I meant to take some time and do a bit of blogging, but the day got away from me and now here I am back in pajamas for the night and ready to crash back into bed at any moment.  So, instead, I thought I'd share a few more photos from our vacation week (did I already post these ones??  I am too lazy to go back and look, and too forgetful to recall which ones made it up onto the blog already....).  I'll be back tomorrow with some tips on what family-friendly places to hit up with kids if you are ever in Atlantic City.

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  1. great photos! i'm envious of your family vacation time and i totally hear you on the being sick front. i've been down and out for three weeks, i'm starting to will this pesky cold away. hope you feel better soon.