Wednesday, March 21, 2012

where the watermelons grow

I know, another picture-heavy post.  Whatevs.

Here are some action shots from Natalie's 2nd birthday party:

I finally got to meet Joie & her sweet little Charlotte!

Someone should have told Natalie's Bampa that 30 people won't eat 75 cupcakes... :)

These two pals were inseparable for most of the party--Daniel even gave Natalie her first kiss (on the cheek) after spending some time hunkered down under the gift table together whispering secrets.

The birthday girl was more than a little tuckered out after all that sugar & gift-opening & dancing & visiting.  When we got back to her Gma & Gpa's house she collapsed on her little pull-out chair and said "A-sleepy!  Cover me up!"


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